“And then you’re dead”

By Paul Doherty, USA



When: Saturday, May 27th
Time: 10 AM PDT
In Voice


Paul Doherty is a co-author of the book “And then you’re dead”

The science behind the most interesting ways to die. What happens if your airplane window blows out? Can a magnet kill you? What happens if you get hit in the head by a particle accelerator beam? How much of your brain do you really need? Explore the science and actual experiences suggesting answers to these questions and more.



Bio: PhD Solid State Physics MIT 1974 Tenured professor of Physics Oakland University 1974-1986 Teacher/Scientist The Exploratorium 1986-present. Founding director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the Exploratorium 1992-1997 Adjunct professor of Physics San Francisco State University 1990-2006 director of the Exploratorium museum in Second Life 2006-present




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