“Writing for Low-Watt Brains”

By Steven R. Van Hook, PhD


When: Saturday, March 25th
Time: 10 AM PDT
In Voice & Text chat


Effective communication skills are key to success in just about everything you do: business communications, research proposals, even love notes. This presentation dispenses with the rules, and gets to the heart of connecting your message to the minds and hearts of others. The six writing tactics are field tested and easily put to use. And not one of them involves grammar, punctuation, or spelling! Plus the tips work in other languages besides English.

 Steven R. Van Hook (Kip Roffo) teaches classes in communications and cross-cultural relations for the University of California and elsewhere in the United States and abroad. He’s been a social worker, newspaper columnist, radio talk show host, TV news anchor, and television bureau chief in Moscow. He has a PhD specializing transcultural education, and has research published in scholarly journals including UNESCO’s Prospects and the Journal of Research in International Education.




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