The media files of previous presentations


Nuclear Medicine – Michael Shaw

Global Learning – Steven R. Van Hook, PhD

Michael Shaw-Ways-of-Knowing-in-Chemistry

Total Eclipse of 2017 – Whys and Hows

Paul Doherty “And Then You’re Dead”

March for Science, the aftermath by Jes Stannard (PDF file)

Michael J Shaw- Silicon chemistry and its consequences for silicon based life (PDF file)

Patio Plasma The Science of nailpolish (PDF and .jpg files)

STEAM-career awareness among women by Myron Curtis. (PDF file)

Ana Despina Tudor and Shailey Minocha – Virtual Reality-based virtual field trips. (PDF file)

Stephen Gasior – CRISPR (PDF file)

Stephen Gasior – citations Crispr (Docx file)

Nitric oxide by Michael J Shaw (PDF file)

Lightning by Patio Plasma (.zip with .jpg files)

Rosetta by Patio Plasma (Powerpoint file)

Pluto on Ice by Patio Plasma (Powerpoint file)

Intelligent Design by Herman Bergson

The Value of Individualism by Herman Bergson

Women Philosophers by Herman Bergson

Big Data and Supercomputing by Hajime Nishimura

Neutrino oscillations by Rob Knop

What Money Cannot buy by Herman Bergson

Contributions to Cryobiology – Stanley Leibo Memorium Lecture by Stephen L. Gasior

3D Virtual Field Trips in Science: Opportunities and Challenges by Shailey Minocha

Citizen Science at NaturalMath by Maria Droujkova

An Hour of Code – Intro to Programming by Phil Youngblood

Transmathematics – a survey of recent results on division by zero by James Anderson

The Philosophy Class by Herman Bergson

Augmented mind by John Lester

When a Philosopher looks in his purse… by Herman Bergson

Transcending Culture in International Settings by Steve Van Hook

TransMathematics by James Anderson

Quaternions and Hamiltonians by Thuja Hynes

Origins of Modern Science (part 2) by Phil Youngblood

An analysis of nudity in SecondLife by Herman Bergson

Closing the Season

The Whole Brain Health Fairgrounds A research-based holistic approach to brain fitness practices by Wisdomseeker

Stonehenge 2014

Science Open sim discussion

The Science of Natural Farming

Calendars by Vic Michalak

Serious Games by Vic Michalak

AbaBrukh Aabye’s Question

What Is Time by Space Mode

The Black Swan by Deepthinker Oh

Recommended Books & Movies

Fake It Until You Make It by Vic Michalak

Does Location Matter Anymore

Global Climate Change by Vic Michalak


Why Is Teaching Mathematics So Hard by Deepthinker Oh

Are we able to return to a full green way of living

DNA & Telecommunications transcript

Yan’s Presentation

Deeps Monty Hall 2013

Women in technology

After 500 Philosophy lectures in SL by Herman Bergson

After 500 women in SL

The Science Circle 2015

Science Circle information and contact PDF