The Science Circle Calendar 2017





Saturday 2nd 10AM PDT
“Tribute to Paul Doherty & The Exploratorium
Phil Youngblood, Ph. D


Saturday 9th 12 PM PDT
Rob Knop, Ph.D.


Friday 15th 10 AM PDT
“Lessons from Seven Years of Teaching in Second Life”
Greg Perrier, Ph. D


Saturday 23th 10 AM PDT
“Virtual Reality in Science!”
William Schmachtenberg, Ph. D


Sunday 24th 10 AM PDT
“Horse-hunting Crocodiles and Tiny Alligators: Crocodilian Evolution after the Age of the Dinosaurs”
Alex Hastings, Ph. D


Saturday 30th 10 AM PDT
“Ways of Knowing in Chemistry”
Michael Shaw Ph. D